Soft flooring for your home


What to consider when choosing carpet:

Some things to consider when choosing a carpet are: density, fiber, stain resistance, color and cost

The denser the carpet (the closer the fibers are) the better it will stand up and look good over time.

here are four main fibers that carpet is made from: Nylon, Polyester, Triexta & Wool. Nylon fiber is durable & strong and will maintain its look over time in high traffic areas. Polyester is naturally stain resistant, comfortable underfoot and more cost effective. Triexta is a branded fiber that is equally resilient to nylon fiber and is also a fiber that can’t hold a stain. Wool is a natural choice for carpets and it’s flame retardant, very durable, ecofriendly and hypoallergenic; however, wool can be more expensive than the other fibers.

You may also benefit from choosing a carpet that is the color of your pets to keep your carpet looking great between cleanings!

And finally, your carpet is only as good as your underlay! We would recommend using an 8 or 9lb underlay. Using a high quality underlay will help your carpet look, feel and perform better.