Simply Floors is pleased to offer our customers the DuChateau line of premium European flooring. DuChateau products are antique reproduction hard-wax oil floors developed in Holland, and designed to reflect the styles found in Europe centuries ago. They recreate a time-worn look that showcases the character and longevity of a true vintage hardwood floor with classic aesthetic design.

DuChateau hardwood floors are distinguished by their wide planked design and rich finishes that are distressed, hard-wax oiled, smoked, and brushed to achieve a true vintage appearance.

A long-standing European tradition is to finish natural wood flooring surfaces with impregnating oils and wax rather than synthetic surface protectants such as polyurethane or aluminum oxide. All DuChateau Floors are finished with DuChateau Hard-Wax Oil, an all natural, non-polluting, non-toxic, zero VOC product with no biocides, preservatives, or benzene. This finish allows natural oils to penetrate deeply into the wood pores to enhance appearance, while the wax remains on the surface to maintain a beautiful natural matte finish and create a protective layer offering a resistant and lasting finish. Hard-Wax Oil is extremely water repellent and does not water-mark, will not crack, flake, peel, or blister and is micro porous allowing the floor to breathe. By finishing the wood with Hard-Wax Oil, the ultimate colour of the floor will flourish. Oiling the floor will help to retain its open structure making it relatively easy to maintain.

This method of finishing also offers environmental benefits and contributes to a healthy living environment as it uses natural materials such as vegetable oil and natural waxes made from purified and renewable natural resources. The open grain structure allows the floor to breathe which serves to regulate moisture and promote a healthy room climate. As compared to commonly-used plastic finishes such as polyurethane, DuChateau Hard-Wax Oil is easily repairable, either on the entire floor or for a simple spot-repair. Plastic finishes are not spot-repairable, and properly repairing damage to a plastic-finished floor will require a complete sanding and re-finishing. Regardless of damage, plastic-finished floors wear and will need to be sanded and refinished about every 7 – 10 years. This is not required when the floor is finished with DuChateau Hard-Wax Oil, as with proper maintenance a DuChateau floor will last a lifetime and maintain its genuine natural beauty.

DuChateau products are consistently of the highest quality developed using environmentally friendly methods and renewable forest resources. For further information visit our new store display or the DuChateau website.