Solid or Engineered?


Choosing hardwood is a great way to increase the value of your home and enhance your décor.

Hardwood flooring comes in Solid & Engineered. As the name implies, Solid Hardwood is solid wood, all the way through. Engineered Hardwood has a top layer of hardwood veneer then layers of wood, although not necessarily made from the same species. The thickness of the top veneer can vary and generally the thicker the top veneer the higher the quality of plank.

All hardwood expands and contracts based on humidity. In our Alberta climate, engineered hardwood is often the more stable choice because of its many layers. We recommend a maximum of 3¼ width for Solid Hardwood. The construction of an Engineered Hardwood allows for a much wider board width.

Recently, some engineered hardwoods have become waterproof using newer technologies. Hardwood in an entrance or bathroom? Why not!