Types of Tile

Floor and Wall Tile


In search of the strongest & most durable flooring on the market? Search no further than Tile & Natural Stone!

When installed properly, a good quality porcelain floor tile is designed specifically to tolerate a lot of traffic…both human & heavy furniture.

Floor tile can be installed on walls, but wall tile cannot be installed on floors. Ceramic wall tile is kiln-fired at a lower temperature making the tile a less durable and more affordable option.

The beauty of natural stone lies in its stunning and singular appearance. Natural stone tile comes in granite, limestone, marble slate & travertine and can usually be installed on both floors and walls.

Due to the way it’s mined, finished and the care & attention to detail when installing, natural stone flooring is a more expensive option.

Once it’s installed, it needs to be sealed to keep this beautiful tile protected from staining and to keep it looking great. We recommend using a high end sealer like Dry Treat. When applied properly, this penetrating sealer will protect your natural stone for up to 15 years.