It is commonly held that you get what you pay for. And as consumers, we are constantly encouraged to make purchasing decisions often based upon on price alone. Particularly in these current economic times, we tend to place price above almost all other purchase considerations. The incessant barrage of deep discount promotions for almost every commodity reinforces the message that the lowest price is the best value.

But not always. You can get considerably less than what you pay for, and this is especially true with flooring. When there is truly no significant difference between one product and another, a comparison is straightforward. This however, is rarely the case with flooring as it is unlike most other consumer products. While it is tempting to view price as the only difference between several flooring samples this is seldom realistic. The criteria for quality flooring must go well beyond the price tag to include materials, engineering, aesthetic qualities, color selection, ease of installation, warranties, environmental stewardship,and specific local factors. Taken together, these elements determine a floor’s true overall value.

At Simply Floors, our benchmark for value starts with competitive pricing, and we then work with each of our customers to compare all points of cost and benefit. We are committed to both quality and overall value, an approach that saves both time and money in the long run, and that is fundamental to our success.

When it comes to flooring, we believe that the most critical decision is not what to buy, but whom to buy from. We understand that we are not just selling a product or commodity by the square foot. In reality, we are also offering experience, knowledge, design expertise, professional installation, service and fair prices that relate to quality flooring products. While consumers can buy flooring at a price point anywhere, nowhere else will they find our combination of price, expertise, quality and integrity.

And that, we believe, represents true value.


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