Real hardwood floors have a rich look and natural warmth that is immediately attractive, and the wide variety of wood species, colours and widths available ensure that homeowners can find hardwood flooring that exactly fits their dreams. A thoughtfully chosen and professionally installed hardwood floor defines and enhances any living space. The quality and durability of hardwood floors are a genuine investment in your home that will last for decades. And for many of our customers, hardwood flooring is a healthier choice than synthetics, and it is also a renewable, environmentally friendly material.

Each hardwood floor has a unique appearance as each wood species has its own particular grain and finish. Quality hardwood floors in specific species and finishes are increasingly preferred by interior designers, and immediately add significant value to any home. In addition to traditional North American hardwoods such as oak, maple, hickory and ash, we also work with exotic species from Australia, Africa, Brazil and the Far East that offer distinctive wood graining and colourations.

While it’s important to love the look of your hardwood, we always discuss various performance factors with our customers, and right at the top of that list is lifestyle. The demands for a floor supporting a growing family of young hockey stars, dancing princesses and pets are quite different from those in the homes of newlyweds, professional couples or empty nesters. In addition, urban home locations present different floor traffic and wear demands than those in the country, as do condominiums or apartments as compared to houses. Heating systems, light, furniture, and traditional versus modern design preferences can also influence the selection of a hardwood floor.

Once the home environment is fully understood, it’s time to consider species, grain and tone. Each wood species has its own unique graining and texture, determined by the growth pattern of the tree and how it has been harvested. Natural variations in the color and grain are to be expected and actually desired. Hardness values (as determined by the Janka Hardness test) measure the ability of a wood species to withstand indentations, and can be used as a general guide when comparing various samples of wood flooring. While many exotic wood species are dense and hard, this does not necessarily translate to high durability as their surfaces will still mark. If spills, scratches and scuffing are likely to occur, a naturally unstained wood species with rich detailed graining and colour variations will show wear the least over time. For example, a tropical walnut is an excellent choice for hiding wear marks and far superior to a dark stained maple.

Hardwood floors of various species are also available in a wide variety of factory finishes that accentuate the grain and natural character of wood floors and to suit different home environments. A distressed or hand scraped finish provides a very durable surface that combines a time-worn, rustic character with excellent hide characteristics for an active family or an acreage property. As Simply Floors owner Yves Mercier notes, “Remember that floors are meant to be lived on. They aren’t pieces of fine furniture and the normal marks and distressed features actually add natural warmth and character to a living space.”

The rich and abundant natural beauty of wood is revealed and preserved by range of finishes. Current manufacturing standards for hardwood flooring ensure outstanding durability, ease of installation and maintenance in virtually any area of the home. We work exclusively with quality suppliers who practice environmental stewardship through the intelligent use of natural resources to produce beautiful hardwood floors.